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Student Attendance

Please schedule all Dr. appts., dental appts., etc. after school or on weekends.  Please schedule all family vacations during the schools vacation time.  We cannot allow students to miss school during assigned school days for any reason.  Please remember that your child’s attendance is not only a loss of revenue for the school, but a loss of instruction for your child.  Studies show that when a student is absent from school for 1 day, it takes a student 3 days to make up the learning that is lost.  Students that struggle with school may never make up these losses.  It is also very important that children arrive to school on time.  Children who arrive after the bell interrupt instruction and are at a loss when they’ve missed the beginning of a lesson.  It is also important that they arrive early so that they may have breakfast. 



¶  Request an appointment for a visitation date and time from the office staff.

¶   Complete the Visitor’s sign-in binder questionnaire.  (Reason for visit, location, time-in, time-out, & signature)

¶  Receive a Visitor’s Permit and place on a visible location on outer clothing.

¶  Return the Visitor’s Permit to the office at the end of the visit.

Please Remember:

¶  Appointments with teachers may be scheduled before school or after school.

¶  Classroom visits should be for a reasonable time --> 20 minutes max.

¶  Visit may not interfere with any school activity.

Visitors in classrooms may not converse with students, teacher, or other staff. 

School Hours

M/W/Th/F 8:11 am till 2:34 pm

Tue. 8:11am  till 1:30 pm

Office Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00am  till 3:00 pm